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"After scouting for well established agencies for our corporate film, we decided to consider a bunch of youngsters at Creative Alchemy, of course with little apprehension. But, after seeing the end product, all our apprehensions were gone and we were glad to bestow faith in them. It was very encouraging to see the professionalism and high quality work delivered from someone in this region. We would be keen on working with them in future as well. "
- Mr. Sunil Mehta, Head, Marketing, SPS Apollo Hospital, Ludhiana.

"The team at Creative Alchemy has been giving close to real, 3D look to our designs. I must say that their out-of-the-box ideas and creative results have really helped us in delivering services to our esteemed clients in a highly professional way. We are glad to be associated with highly professional and talented people."
-Mr. Harinder Singh, Director, Line of Force

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